Proudly created by Ulla Burns



Dive into the world of Tantric BDSM where not only does submission and Dominace entwine with one another they form a deeper connection when compared to traditional BDSM play, and leads you to learn how to become more conscious of your true self and kinky erotic desires.



Exploring the world of Tie and Tease, is excellent for those new to the world of BDSM, or, simply for those who just want to take a more relaxed approach to the sessions we have within each other’s company. Under My mercy I will offer a light introduction to restraints, sensual tease and denial, with a pinch of sadism when appropriate to help send the body into quivering vibrations.


Mistress Companion

An adventure awaits you in New York City that will spark excitement every time you reminisce about the fine concrete jungle. Empty your diary, and get your credit card out, for a life experience like none before, and submit to a bespoke tour around the most refined places this amazing City has to offer - with a twist. I am now offering packages for a kinky companionship where we will don our finest outfits and hit the streets and explore the amazing culture around us; with Me as your personal Dominant confidante.