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Fetish Education

Abandon yourself to corset fetish in New York with Goddess Ulla Burns elite Dominatrix

Armpit and body scent Worship
Lavish in the sweet scent of my armpits nuzzling your nose deep into their sweaty crock.
Bondage Tape
Feel the inescapable tightness as I wrap and bind your limbs with bondage tape.
The Harsh slap of a leather belt leaving your skin flushed with a daylong reminder as you work.
Cane / Caning
A sharp and sudden sting across your flesh leaving pucker welts from my canes kiss.
Clothed Face Sitting
Experience the smothering sensations as I perch clothed on top of you.
Become locked in chastity, where I control the key to the cage around your most feeble of areas.
Cock and Ball Torture / CBT
Indulge in your masochistic needs by experiencing CBT. *
Corner Time
Spend time in the naughty corner whilst I punish you verbally or ignore you for your poor behaviour.
Corporal Punishment
Experience discipline like you haven’t before. With the use of my crop, cane and mind in play I’ll have you whimpering for more.
Cross Dressing
With the most feminine lingerie on hand, I can help you tap into your alter ego through  feminization and turning you into My sissy. 
Crotch and Thigh High Boots
Lust after my stiletto point crotch and thigh high boots, as I strut around my play space.
Feel the strands from my flogger from light impact and sensual tickles to firmer thuds upon your flesh breaking into your harder limits.
Foot Fetish
Let me tease you with my feet as you pay every inch of them all of your attention.
Financial Domination

Welcome to the world of Financial Domination, where power and desire intertwine in a delicate dance of control and submission
The finest fishnets sculpt my long legs.
Hear the clink of my handcuffs as they click around your wrists imprisoning you.
Hand Spanking
My hand print across your buttocks leaves a rosy outline as a reminder that will make your cheeks flush throughout the day. *
Hair Brush Paddling
A hair brush lands across your bottom reminding you how naughty you have been.
Show your devotion to my latex clad body and the way it moulds around my curves enticing you.
Admire how seductive and Domineering I am when dressed in leather.
Admire my body whilst it is adorned with the most decadent and fashionable lingerie.
Golden Nectar
Savor the flavor of my golden nectar that I specially produce for you to drink.
Glove Worship
Strokes from my gloved hands send intense tingles throughout your body.
From a slight tweak to a painful and quick twist, I am skilled in making you squirm as I tease your buttons.
With one of the most popular impact devices on hand, I am able to introduce you to new sensations from impact play through the use of a spanking paddle.
Pantyhose Worship
Worship my beautifully tall dancer’s legs as they are outlined by the sensual sheer fabric of pantyhose.
Be honoured by the slap of my hand as it slashes across your face putting you in your place.
Forcing you out of your masculine shell to reveal your most sordid and feminine side through setting you feminine tasks to wearing pretty and delicate female clothing.
Feel the humiliation of my spit land on you.
Draw your focus to my stockings as they form a silhouette around my perfect model-like pins.
Delve deep into the penetrative world of depravity as I model My leather belt. 
Tease and Denial
Let me push your body and mind to the brink of unbearable desire only just to deny you full pleasure.
Toys 4 Boys
Have the pleasure of experiencing my adult toy collection.
Riding Crop
The sweet sting of my riding crop will put you in your place swiftly.
Feel the texture of rope burn across your skin as I tie it tightly around you.
Ruined Orgasm
Reach the epitome of climax as you achieve the peak of orgasmic climax for it just to be swiped away from you at its very brink

Outside My Play Space
Enjoy my company in the everyday happenings of  New York or where else we chose to get naughty.  Have my feminine  presence tower over you as we enjoy time together taking in the sites and the concrete jungle's offerings. 
Activities I am particularly passionate about are as follows:
Dinner and lunch dates at exquisite establishments. Shopping Excursions to adult shops and bespoke boutiques; Indulging in the pampering atmosphere of a Spa day together. The spectator at sporting events; particularly NBA basketball, horse racing, and US OPEN tennis. Visiting museums where we can rinse our eyes on histories great masterpieces.   

US OPEN Tennis,  NBA games, Formula One Monaco, Formula One Abu Dhabi, Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Dubai World Cup, Ascot, art auctions, horse auctions, as your Mistress Companion.

This site is built for entertainment and educational purposes.  
No illegal services are offered or implied.  

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