Ulla Burns

"There is a boundary to a man's passions when they act from feelings;

but none when they are under the influence of imagination. "  

-John Barrymore

The Woman

Let Me into your mind and bring you away from your everyday comfort zone and welcome you into the world of Dominance and submission, as I take you on an erotic exploration of taboo fantasies and fetishes. As your Mistress and guide, I offer to you over 10 years of Dominatrix experience and professional training. Adopting the Dominatrix persona is not just an act I wear during a session but is part of who I am every day of my life.

Specializing in Sensual Domination, tie and tease, Tantric BDSM, Disciplinarian, Cross Dressing and sissificiation, where I particularly enjoy adding elements of well constructed role play scenes with a taste of spontaneity; I am able to entice and captivate you. Enthralling all your senses which will leave you desiring more. I cater to a wide range of fetishes and kinks which you have been yearning over for longer than you consciously have been aware of, leading you to this point, where you must reach out to Me to show you fascinating excursions into the enigma of dark eroticism. Showing you the ropes and awakening these dark desires true passions that your mind and body aches for, whilst they have been distracting you from your tedious life. I open up these deliciously juicy taboos and prove to you how sensuous and decadent they leave you wanting more. I will tighten my leash around you meaning that you’ll want to come back again and again.


Reveal your dark secrets to Me whilst in my exclusive milieu offering a subtle atmosphere of depravity inside, away from the bustling Manhattans streets. You will find that my abode will leave you striving for deep psychological immersion where I am able to relay my prestigious London education to you. With the ability to explore the physical and psychological desires in multiple languages, including being fluent in French, I am able to offer a highly educated dominatrix companionship during our time together.
As a powerful sensual seductress I will seduce you with my sleek curves and long dancers figure. I guarantee you will enjoy every moment with me as I gracefully bring you into the shadows of my decedent depravity. You will find yourself begging at the feet of my toned long legs worshipping my body clothed in the finest of lingerie and outfits for you to swoon and lust over during our sessions.

Bringing elements of seduction, a refined sense of humour to break the ice, and culture from areas of my lifestyle where I explore not only the decant side of society but also the most refined moments from our history and ones in the making. Our sessions together are designed with discretion. Everything from our time together will only be housed within your mind once you leave my company.
Each session isn’t just for your satisfaction but for mine, as going into these motions is a natural part of who I am, engrossing my mind as I play out what I will next do to you, engorging my body in hot flutters of arousal that stimulate me and fires me up to torment and torture you more. It is my wants and goal to make you lust for Me and what we achieve in each session leads to forever evolving the erotic world of the forbidden, which is normally left locked within and never set free.  Surrender and submit yourself to erotic ecstasy like never before.

Savior anticipation till we meet, 


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5'9" Tall & Blonde
Eyes: Grey Blue

Measurements: 32DD-26-36

Figure: Tall, Slender & Toned

Shoe Size 8.5

Born in December-Capricorn

  Yoga, Fitness & Dance

Spiritual  Growth. Poetic Life. Travel. 

Culture & Customs. Clean life.  

Saint Sanes. Ballet. Fashion. Foodie. 

Adventure Traveling. Beach life. Fast Cars.  

  Renaissance  & Impressionist art period.

Non fiction & historical fiction literature 

Non Smoker

Favorite Beverage: Water 



Proudly created by Ulla Burns