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The Dominant Girl Friend
Mistress Confidential

An adventure awaits you in New York City that will spark excitement every time you reminisce about the fine concrete jungle. Empty your diary, take out your credit card, for a life experience like none before, and submit to a bespoke tour around the most refined places this amazing City has to offer - with a twist. I am now offering packages for a kinky companionship where we will don our finest outfits and hit the streets and explore the amazing culture around us; with Me as your personal NYC Mistress confidante.
Not only are you in for a treat where I will give you my undivided attention, but we will also engage in moments of flirtation, humor, and light public teasing that only a true woman like Myself can really initiate.
Suited to attend the finest events and establishments I will bring my paramount lady-like demeanor during our time together, whilst being one of the most eloquently and desirably dressed women you have ever had on your arms. Not only will I hypnotize you into a lustful dream-like submission, but I will also command the room’s we walk into together, making everyone else desire I was by their side secretly.
You will find that even the least glamorous of places can be spiced-up with my unique abilities from visiting Adult Toy Shops to designer boutiques, I will allure you in and you will be begging to pander to my queen-like attitude and contribute to my seductive artillery with gifts of lingerie, clothes, toys, and so much more; that later that day you never know if we may even explore or not. Even things like Dinner Dates will feel like a fairytale fantasy where you will fall for my charms as I discreetly play on your fetishes and even push your limits through a spot of public humiliation or tasks where others around us are left in a haze of being unaware of the reason for the grin I paint upon your face.
Pamper to my exquisite taste and spoilt temperament and whisk Me off to days out, or, even longer erotic adventures in other fine cities and countries. 
I will bring alive your senses and remind you of youthful flutters you had long forgotten from past romances and naughty crushes. Responding to your body language and conversation with my unmatched intuition you will not regret our unforgettable time together.
Always confidential regardless of your real-life commitments, as privately I am Your Mistress during our time together.

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