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Dark Tantra
The Erotic World of Tie & Tease 

Exploring the world of Tie and Tease, is excellent for those new to the world of BDSM, or, simply for those who just want to take a more relaxed approach to the sessions we have within each other’s company. Under My mercy I will offer a light introduction to restraints, sensual tease and denial, with a pinch of sadism when appropriate to help send the body into quivering vibrations.

With the choice between artillery of disciplinary devices, from the extreme to the more sensuous, you will be completely captivated with your body under my control to play with. You will learn how the sensations of the flogger tracing over your body can lead to deep feelings of anticipation as you await a sudden whack upon your flesh; leaving your body blushing with excitement. I will tickle your softer limits with the feelings of silk around your wrists, to the roughness of rope rubbing abrasively over other areas. Whilst blind folded, I will sensually sedate you as my body brushes over you as I circle around you stimulating and heightening your erogenous zones.

The experience is completely customisable and can focus on a combination of sensual pleasure, to fulfilling the lighter limits of sadism and masochism. During Tie and Tease Sessions sadism and pain don’t have to come into play at all, if it is not one of your personal fetishes, don’t worry we will focus on your other desires. With the ability to focus our time on the sensual and various erotic pleasures using toys for boys, alongside my sensual and dominant voice whispering into your ear.

Tie and Tease sessions are designed to let you sink into deep relaxation without having to put any input into the session. Simply, once consensually tied and blindfolded just let your mind wander and enjoy the sensations and stimulation by the work of my hands and voice.  Sink deeper into relaxation on the most luxurious massage table, complete with fresh linens and  warm towels to end your session.   After care is part of your experience and you may share your emotions and feelings to Me in private. 

Whatever you desire within the session you will be left in an euphoric state of arousal, that will break through any stresses you have experienced, and last with you imprinted in your mind for you to dive back into when confronted with the challenges of New York life has to offer.

What to expect from a Tie and Tease Session:

Sensory Deprivation - to help relax the senses which we over load with everyday happenings and heighten ones we often neglect.

Light Bondage – feel the experience of loss of control of your body as I restrain you preventing you from natural reactions you have come accustom to.

Tying and Teasing – From rope to cuffs you will be tied in a sensual and teasing manner. Experience the delights of prolonged stimulation as I edge you in to sensual sedation.

Light submission – through Tie and Tease you offer up your submission in the simplest form where you aren’t expected to partake in extreme kinks and fetish demands. Also this is a fabulous way to slip out of your dominating roles you may have to facade in real life.


Sensation Play – be awakened to new sensations from not only the use of my hands but by experience adult products and BDSM devices sensually used over your body.


Who is Tie and Tease sessions directed at? These sensations are for anyone who wishes to try a more sensual and lighter approach to BDSM. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a novice to Dominatrix sessions, but it could mean you prefer a less sadistic approach or simply wish to have a more light hearted session to spice things up from your normal fetishes. Tie and Tease is also excellent if you are new or nervous about meeting a Mistress, it allows you time to intimately learn about what fetishes you enjoy, how your body responds, and gain an overall taste and fulfilment of the many pleasures other BDSM activities may have to offer. They are excellent sessions to become more personally acquainted with a Mistress too.



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