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Below is a bit of inspiration for you, a guide how we may spend time together.  All rendez-vous are custom created for our mutual pleasure.   

Sensual Domination 

The corporate takeover. Boss Lady/secretary sissy.  /Teacher & college student. The Governess. Special Agent interrogator. Guard  & prisoner.  Sexy STEPMOM. Nurse & patient. Sissy & Slut training.  Role reversal.

La Femme Dominante 
The pleasure of being taken both mentally & physically 

Merging your feminine & masculine sides. Cross Dress explore.

Submissive training & modification behavior. Corporal punishments & Sensual Spankings.
Erotic Bondage. Power Exchange.

2 hours/1200 
3 hours starts @1800 

4 hours/2400  
6 hours/3000

Dominant Girl Friend 
The Mistress Experience

Longer encounters offers us a moment to break the ice and connect naturally as we enjoy a variety of activities in public and private.  I will create a passionate time where you are the envy of every man and woman at the venue, with Me as your Dominant Girlfriend.  

Dining Dates with a twist. Intimate Mistress Role Reversal Companionship. 

Exquisite adventures start @
3 hours/1800 
4 hours/2400  
6 hours/3000

Dark Tantra Bodywork
Tie & Tease 

An enigma into the unknown. A mysterious journey of slow sensuality  awaits you as your senses are deprived and nourished. Tie and Tease, light bondage, silk blindfolds as you are feathered into trance like state where time lapses. My collection of toys 4 boys are ready for you.  Come to relax and feel refreshed & pampered. 
1.5 hrs/ 900  
2 hours 1200
Lite Bites at the Lounge or dinner & Dark Tantra starts @ 3hrs/1800 4/hrs 2400 6hrs/3000  

Female Led Relationship (FLR) 

Change your life with Me as your Mistress Confidential Companion.
I am a worldly and sophisticated Goddess with a vast amount of life experiences. 
Do you desire a deeper connection? an itch to relinquish power?  Is your current situation missing the link?
Discover unconventional modes of affection that keep you on edge, yearning and craving more of My dominance and affection.

Share intimate fantasies in the privacy we keep just for two. 
Feel energetic vibrations as spirituality is infused. 

Inquire for details



The reality of the other person lies not in

what he reveals to you,

But what he cannot reveal to you.
Therefore, if you would understand him,
Listen not to what he says,
But rather to what he does not say.

​​-Khalil Gibran

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