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How would you like to spend your time with me?  Whether you seek to get the kinks out for an hour, worship My beautiful feet, a brutal spanking, sissy training, or a flirty lunch to connect deeper with your Dominant Goddess, I am ready to Embark on a Fantasy with you. I offer a repose from the concrete jungle,  one that is part nourishment and part decadence.  You are welcome to send me your interests and I will include them in preparation for our time together.  Below is a guide on how you might start your journey.  

Session hours: 11 AM -5 PM daily by appointment. 

3 hours and up may start at 7 PM (the latest I start) 


Sensual Tie & Tease 

You'll be tied to a luxurious massage table, blindfolded in silk as I purr lascivious thoughts into your mind.  You'll squirm as I lean into you with Italian lace rubbing against your flesh, captivating you into My web.  As your spirit awakens, you'll be teased to the edge until you no longer can control the excitement. 

1 hour/400

w/strap  600

One Hour/FBSM-Spanking or Foot Fetish

A relaxing hour to release the kinks.  I weave a gentle touch based on Swedish elements, Tantra breathwork, Reiki energy, and Thai Yoga Stretching into your hour of blissful relaxation.  Escape from the mundane into the hands of your Goddess.


One hour to worship and adore My beautiful feet.  Foot Fetish Adoration OR a spanking of my choice. (crop, belt or paddle) 

300/ 11AM-4PM Introduction 


Erotic Dark Tantra

A twisted tease of eroticism, sensuality, and spirituality.  

We'll start with breath work to allow you to become fully present in your body and connect to your Goddess.  As you slowly sink into a deeper state of relaxation, you'll soon discover yourself at the mercy of your one and only Goddess. A deeper connection and mysterious spontaneous eroticism allow for the arousal of the senses. 

1.5 hours/750   


Sensual Domination/Tantra BDSM

Turn yourself over to your Mistress.  Discover yourself through Me.

An odyssey into the unknown. Submit to classic domination fantasies and elaborate adventures of unconventional pleasures where your boundaries are pushed safely and consensually.

I am attracted to the romance of bondage, eroticism, role play, kinky storytelling, power exchange, BDSM elements, sissy training, strap-on modeling, fetish, and fantasy.    

2 hours/1000+

3-6 hours based on how we will spend our time. 

Role Play 

The corporate takeover/Boss Lady and Sissy Secretary, Sexy Secretary with bad intentions/teacher & college student/the governess/the corporate take over/secret special agent interrogator /the boss lady/the narcissistic girlfriend/ Mommy/ sexy STEPMOM/ the Nurse for your anal exam.


La Femme Dominante -The pleasure of being taken both mentally and physically. 

Transformation -Merging your feminine & masculine sides. Cross Dress.

Discipline- Submissive training & modification behavior. Corporal punishments & sensual spankings 

++added tribute may be required for complex scenes. 

Longer encounters and arrangements are available. Talk to Me.

Dinner Dates, Mistress Companionship, Public Play, Shopping Dates, and More!



The reality of the other person lies not in

what he reveals to you,

But what he cannot reveal to you.
Therefore, if you would understand him,
Listen not to what he says,
But rather to what he does not say.

​​-Khalil Gibran

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