Proudly created by Ulla Burns


1.5 hrs 700+


2 hours  900+

3 hours  1300+

+Depending on what we are up to, any advance planning and special requests there may be an additional tribute and will be addressed during screening.


4 hours /1800 Domination Dinner Date & private play time

*6 hours /2500  A lunch or a gala, art gallery, auction, a day watching the ponies, 

adult store shopping, private play

10 hours /3000  A Festival of Fantasies  debauchery at it's finest

12 hours /3500 Noon-Midnight  La Femme Dominante Experience 

Above are suggestions, we can organize our time how we prefer to sync our mutual interests.

For extended arrangements, please inquire. 

If you are unable to meet Me in New York, you are welcome to Fly Me To you. Should you be traveling on business or desire a weekend getaway, allow Me to be your Travel Attaché and discover how my wisdom and joie de vivre  will add value to your travels. Please inquire. May I suggest high tea to discuss the fine details? 

The reality of the other person lies not in

what he reveals to you,

But what he cannot reveal to you.
Therefore, if you would understand him,
Listen not to what he says,
But rather to what he does not say.

​​-Khalil Gibran