Why is screening mandatory?

As an independent Mistress Companion My safety and yours is a priority.  I answer all My corespondance, arrange bookings, travel and maintain My play space. A  successful gentleman who is intellectually stimulating and  respects My values is most likely the person I would be comfortable with to share My sacred space with. As your confidante and Mistress, I offer a space you can reveal your true self too Me.  In order for Me to feel safe and comfortable, it is up to you to do your part and provide the information I require for My safety and yours. I would  appreciate a sincere email which articulates a bit about you, any experience in BDSM or what you would like to explore. 

When planning your encounter, allow  at least 24-48 hours notice for NYC appointments. Same day are rarely available, however, if we have met or you are screened and My day allows to meet, consider at least 4 hours notice so that I may prepare for our appointment.  

Carpe Diem!

Surrender to a true Goddess.

May I  show my appreciation?

A token of appreciation is never expected but certainly appreciated. A  meaningful gift no matter the size, brings me immense joy. 

Do you tour?

When I travel for spiritual growth, I set this time aside to replenish My energy.  New York is My home base, where I develop quality engagements that are based on an authentice connection.  You may wish to explore My Travel Attaché packages and FLY ME TO you options should you desire Me to visit you. I'll pack all the essentials we'll need for play time. These offerings are curated to dive deeper into our imaginations, freeing our selves into the unknown together. 

What is your cancelation policy & deposit.

When you reserve time with Me, I add you to My diary I refuse other business opportunities for that day.  Each booking is factored into My lifestyle. You may cancel up to 24 hours prior without a penalty.  Less than 24 hours kindly send me the full tribute. 

New guests-**At My discretion I may require deposits for early morning bookings, holidays, elaborate encounters that require planning and traveling.  This will be discussed in our booking conversations either via phone or email. 

What are your boundaries?

Things I will not partake in under any circumstance – if you request these your session request will be ignored or any behavior that makes Me feel uncomfortable. 

No full toilet  

No needle play 

No blood play
No substances and smoking fetishes

I do not switch

I do not offer illegal services 
I am unable to offer heavy suspension
Anything that puts you or Myself in true harm and danger


Proudly created by Ulla Burns