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Play Time 

It's difficult to confine myself within rigid time frames or categories. I believe in allowing our connection to evolve organically, fostering genuine chemistry at our rhythm. The value of our interaction is shaped by the energy, preparation, and intimacy I bring to the session.  I hold a special appreciation for gentlemen who demonstrate respect, kindness, and devotion.​

Sensual Domination 

The corporate takeover. Boss Lady/secretary sissy.  /Teacher & college student. The Governess.
Special Agent interrogator. Guard & prisoner. 
 Sexy STEPMOM. Nurse & patient. Sissy & Slut training. Cross Dress. Role reversal.

La Femme Dominante 
The pleasure of being taken both mentally & physically 

Submissive training & modification behavior. Corporal punishments & Sensual Spankings.
Erotic Bondage. Power Exchange.

The Dominant Girl Friend  
You'll be the envy of every man and woman at the venue, with Me as your Dominant Girlfriend.  

Dining Dates with a twist. Mistress Role Reversal Companionship. 

2 hrs/1500  
3 hrs /1800  *Lite bites at the lounge 
4 hrs/2000  
6 hrs/3000

ra Tie & Tease 

Conscious Kink

An enigma into the unknown. A mysterious journey of slow sensuality awaits you as your senses are deprived and nourished. Tie and Tease, a sublime state of bliss during your tantric style massage allowing you to feel nourished as time lapses.  Come relax at my cozy sanctuary on the most comfortable massage table, in an intimate atmosphere created just for you.

1.5 hrs/750
with intense edging, prostate & toys 4 boys strap 900)

2 hrs 1200
3 hrs 1600

 I'm open to your proposals or any other suggestions you may have to spend time with me.  
 Confidential Arrangements | Travel case by case | Social Companion




The reality of the other person lies not in

what he reveals to you,

But what he cannot reveal to you.
Therefore, if you would understand him,
Listen not to what he says,
But rather to what he does not say.

​​-Khalil Gibran

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