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Unique Desires

Dominarix NYC-

High Class Companion New York-

Sensual Domination

Let me allow you the privilege of being sensually bound by my hands, from handcuffs to rope alongside my intuition of my mind, I can bind you and captivate you in bondage play. Whether you are a novice or a well-seasoned pro I will captivate you and make you plea to stay restrained for all of eternity.

Financial Domination
Indulge in the opulent realm of Financial Domination, where power and desire intertwine in a symphony of submission. As your Great Goddess, I offer an exquisite experience of control and liberation, guiding you to surrender your finances willingly. Allow the allure of luxury and servitude to captivate your senses as you fulfill my every whim with devotion and adoration. Welcome to a world where financial servitude is the ultimate expression of devotion.
Cross Dressing

Experiment with the tantalizing world of Cross Dressing and let me guide you through a transformation with not only the way look but also awake something within you that you dared never explore before. Offering full feminization, forced crossdressing, sissification, to even simply allowing you the experience of simply just wearing women’s clothing, I will help you experience taboos that go against the everyday world you normally have to live within.

Protocol and Training
Be trained in a full range of skills and etiquette that make you set for fulfilling certain BDSM roles. As a strict and thoughtful teacher, I am able to educate you in the protocol expected from the BDSM scene. Experience intensive slave training exercises and routines, or be transformed magically into a fairytale-like work maid. There is so much you have to and need to learn from Me.

Tantric BDSM
Your Mistress and guide into the realms of tantric BDSM where I present to you my unique skills and experience as a tantric specialist and combined them with BDSM to offer you a sensual outlook into everything kink. Awakening your five senses to pleasures and sensations you have not been able to reach before, I will help you unlock the sensual energies you have hidden within as we enter a BDSM nirvana with Me as your guide.

Goddess Worship
Worship my Goddess like figure whilst dressed in the finest latex, leather, lace, and fishnets. Become intimate with my scent and the taste of my golden nectar.  Caress my feet whilst they are adorned in the most delicate sheer nylon stockings amplifying their beautifully sculpted shape. Indulge in clothed face sitting whilst I am clad in my pantyhose or whatever else I may select that day. Let my gloved fingers trace over you and see if you are lucky enough for me to gracefully slip the fabric from my hands and touch you with my unmatched fingertips. For I am your Goddess.
Carpe Diem, surrender your fantasies. 

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