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My Stories
I am a formidable raconteur  & fantasy artist

I met Tammy in Palm Beach where she would debut in her Lily Pulitzer dress as my sissy! We had a delicious dinner and caught up on My new desires for Fall Shopping which include a new BMW.  I sent Tammy to the little naughty boys' room to insert a plug which I controlled tabletop, then it was back to the suite for slut training… I just love Palm Beach!! Don't you? 


Dressed in  My black high neck strict Governess latex dress, My tasty red lacquered toes peeped out, from My shiny favorite black platforms. "Present yourself to Me," I said in an aloof assertive voice, on this wet New York day. I ordered the submissive to the corner, down on his knees, where he belonged, wearing nothing but a pink string.  His upper chest was engraved "Property of Mistress Burns"  

He lay across My lap, for a series of over-the-knee spankings, alternating between My hand and paddle for his weekly maintenance appointment. When his derriere turned bright rouge, I was done.  He was sent back to the office, not before he secured the device on his thing and turned the key over to Me.  I took the key and dangled it in his face. I smiled, and said in a cold stern  voice “See you next week."  Chastity New York.


My boy toy eyes were covered with a leather mask. I slipped the hemp rope in between his parted lips and secured a  tight knot around his bald head.  I didn’t say a word.  He twitched as I tied him tighter across the bed -spread eagle.  More silence. I slipped my long slim fingers into the latex glove. I teased him some more with the lace, he began to sweat as I took his mind across the arena.  La Femme Dominante. 


I dressed My garters in seamed stockings, slipped my size 8 & a half, into a  new pair of black patent leather So Kate's red bottoms that slave B, sent as a gift.  I accidentally left the third button undone on the man's shirt I wore over My lace bra. My dirty blonde hair was messy, My icy cat-like bedroom eyes were staring down at the wimp. My pink lips purred warmly into his ear“I’m with your father for his money.” Later, I tossed him against the lonely wall and had my way.  The hot step MOM. Creative Role Play NYC.

He was a handsome green-eyed young man from way over East near Tel Aviv.    He was sent to recruit Me.  I am a well-known interrogator,  who happens to be fluent in several languages, in demand worldwide.   I called his bluff and offered him a demonstration. His hands were bound to his ankles laying face down on the frozen winter floor.   I played soccer with his mind, passing to the left then to the right. My hair was tied in a high ponytail, aka, tease tool. The room heated up as he stole a glimpse of  My high fashion model's physique.  When he saw the clothespins, he trembled, they looked lovely as earrings on his nipples.  The prisoner was breathing heavily as I made him repeat over and over, "I am a traitor, Goddess" "Today is your last O" said I, My voice made him shake.  I sent him back to the spy agency with My credentials. The Interrogator.  

It was a hot day in August, the sun was hiding.  We left Paris for Deauville, to attend the yearling auction.  It was the perfect occasion for him to train a pony.  I ordered him to wear a pony throughout the auction for Me.  I paraded him around the paddocks. I  smiled and waved hello to the aristocrats. I picked up a bay filly. 'Slap it Suzy', resides in Ireland, and trains for the Dubai World Cup. The Mistress Experience. Pony training. 

It was My last night in Paris before jet-setting off to London. I wore a short royal blue J-Trois soft suede dress. My bare l tanned long lean legs were exposed and ready for public leg worship. My pretty toes and high arch feet were displayed in strapy gold high heels with shiny crystals. We had a surprisingly delicious dinner at  Hotel Costes, the atmosphere was mysterious with much intrigue as the guests became participants in our story. After dinner,  we cruised over in his tacky white  Rolls Royce to a certain embassy known for voyeurism.  A darkly handsome man with warm amber eyes approached the car.  I relaxed and admired My new watch as I  and directed the show between the two in front of the embassy.  A woman in control. Forced Bi.

It was naming day. That's the day I officially name My slut.   We went to the secret boutique in Chelsea and ran up a bill that included, corsets, stockings, and boots for Tammy. I picked out a vibrating toy for future training, a whip, and a new latex outfit for Me.  I brought My stretch mini skirt along for the ride and asked Tammy to model the ensemble for me. Each time Tammy stumbled, I slapped his apples. Once, Tammy has immersed into "her" role, I pushed the mini skirt up and took the whore  over the sink.  The Art of Sensual Domination.

The well-dressed banker took his place at My feet and dramatically begged Me to grant him permission to serve Me. 

“To be of service you are required to demonstrate dedication, train extensively and contribute generously to My lifestyle”  

We went to dinner at a stoic French restaurant to sort out the details of The Arrangement, one which would be mutually beneficial to Me.   To execute the arrangement, I handed him an 8"x11" envelope and ordered Tammy to the bathroom. I licked the spoon after dipping it in the divine chocolate soufflé the chef had prepared especially for Me, while I  controlled the battery-operated toy, I was in heaven, he trembled. 

Yes, Mistress!  

I booked a hotel room overlooking Fifth Avenue.  I was going to force the Russian to take it in front of the window. I wore an Agent Provocateur black lace set, with black Wolford stockings attached to a soft as butter leather garter for contrast. I flirted with the not-so-bad-looking Russian sub, as we discussed the dossier.  I blindfolded the well-connected businessman with his Hermes tie then collared and leashed My puppy. I slipped the toy in, just for fun, and walked my bitch to the bathroom.  “Ouvre ta bouche” I murmured…"ready for a shower?" 

I enjoy humiliating the CEO over the phone. I'll order him to take JOI instructions in his posh  Wall Street bureau in front of the window facing the Freedom Tower.  He is never allowed in My presence unless we are at the ATM.

La Maitresse FINDOM de New York.  

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